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Empty, a complicated word and emotion.  A description of a void, a non-existent entity.  It seems to be an enigma that is poorly understood by the logic centers of our brain and our emotions cannot really comprehend how to display it.  Abstract mathematics has devised clever ways to describe the existence of a void and its interplay with finite objects. No matter how hard we try, our simple minds can’t comprehend the immensity of this concept.  The feeling of void is something that is in principle the feeling of a vacuum.  We wrap our brain around it, try to support our fellow man when feelings of emptiness arrive, but deep down no one truly understands the emptiness of each other.  It seems as a hostile place, as if it is in outer space.  As human beings we shine in the finite, the tangible, the now, but what can we say about something so infinite and nameless?  We have the power of abstractions, abstractions see things that could be.  Abstraction allows for creation but emptiness is the lack thereof.  Emptiness is where physics, metaphysics, government, religion, logic, and thought break down to the point of dysfunction.

It is a strange feeling, the feeling of empty, it is as if things can’t come in or go out, everything just exists in a state of dysfunction.  As the world passes by things just float away and get tangled in the past, the present and the future.  A cobweb of realities that seem to have no meaning, no thought, no purpose, their pure existence is an enigma to the empty state of mind.  You try to free yourself of this free-fall, but there is nothing around you to grab on to, it just seems that this dark reality is all that is left around you.  The feeling that even grasping for air won’t help anymore.  So you fall, and you fall, hoping that someday you’ll feel something finite, some tangible reality, the cobwebs that were once there seem so distant.  The wait is what destroys you, it sucks out feeling in your mind, in your body and in your soul, and you feel it, slowly seeping away into the emptiness that surrounds, as if by osmosis you start losing things close to you, and as you grab everything you can, you watch it just float between you fingers.  It sinks in that everything is going away and will probably never comeback, so you hope for the fall to someday stop.  When the emptiness begins to equalize with your empty surroundings, you start losing yourself, and your identity. Who you were, who you are, and who you want to be become grandiose delusions that you once had about yourself.  The cold from the outside starts to seep into your bones.  You can feel it as teeth start clattering with a raucous and your body trembles with fear because it knows what is becoming of it.  Yet all around you there is nothing, everything seems empty, and void of life.  The pain of yesterday no longer exists and the joy of tomorrow has no purpose for you.  Once the cold sets in you realize that the things inside you are no longer yours, but a doing of your environment and you realize that now there is no turning back. The empty ones can become the people that try to push you into the infinite of empty in an effort to absorb the realities that define you in a hope to gain what they have lost.  They do it because they have no choice, they no longer feel valid, they feel nothing.

The lucky few who reach something tangible before the cold sets in are the ones that only know the taste of the void, the enigma of empty.  They know that once everything has set in, there is no going back and never let themselves try to understand the void or to go near it.  These are the people that understands that a void of one person is not the void of another, but they try diligently not to let other people enter their voids.  Hopefully some mathematical miracle or a new evolutionary step can allow us to comprehend emptiness.


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